Here are a few MP3 samples of our playing. These were recorded on a minidisk player so please don't expect studio quality.

1 Hornpipes - Squeaky Dog, Henry's Hornpipe.

2. Jigs -
Fiery Clockface, The Long Hot Shower, Gramsay.

3. Reels - Dinah, Ducks On the Pond, Granny Will Your Dog Bite.

You Tube
We have several videos on You Tube of us playing at Eastbourne International Dance Festival in May 2011 and a few other gigs. You can see them all here: Stick on You Tube

This is the official video of the 2011 Eastbourne International Dance Festival. We appear at about 2 minutes into the video playing Church In The Highlands with larger-than-life Chris Turner calling in his multi-coloured coat.

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