I just looked at our News page and realised that the last time I'd updated it was after playing in the Bideford Festival in 2009.
Time certainly flies.

Well, since then we've played over 200 gigs.
The most prestigious ones were Eastbourne International Folk Dance Festival in 2010 and 2011, Alcester Contra Dance and Sidmouth Folk Week in 2012, and Chippenham Folk Festival this year.

In May this year, shortly before Chippenham, Sue and Bruce Rosen from Boston Massachusetts stayed for a few days with our Sue. Sue Rosen is a great contra dance caller and Bruce is a brilliant piano accompanist. Thanks to Willand FDC we were able to play for a dance at Willand with Sue Rosen calling, Sue Rivett fiddling and Bruce Rosen accompanying. I got to join in on mandolin (which I’ve been learning lately) so we had Bruce & Sue x2! Unfortunately we probably hadn’t worked hard enough on the advertising so there were only about 24 dancers.  But it was still great fun and a memorable gig.

Bruce’s playing has inspired me to have a go at learning to play keyboard. If only there were a few more hours in each day.

I'll sit down at the weekend and tell you about Chippenham Festival.

Bye for now, Bruce.